Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Economy and Finance

I do not know the textbook difference between economy and finance.
However, my thought process is economy is financially viable static plans. And finance is the dynamic one. Economy is static. Finance is dynamic.
I can do contributions in economy. But finances I cannot. i.e. when I think of how I can contribute to the nation and its development.
I always had many economically viable ideas and methods. But the financial step just did not happen.
It is something like you motivate guys. The guys are motivated. But when you ask them to move, the guys would not. The motivation just remains a motivation. And becomes static.
Things should be made for each other sorts. But hardly this works in economy and finances.
There is a saying that an ounce of practice is worth tonnes of theory. But if a small step of practice becomes a theory, then one cannot help.
You cannot make a kilo of practice. But only an ounce. How is it possible to suddenly make a kilo of practice?
Only thing is agglomeration of small-small practical achievers and their cohesion may help. One another. Together. This is possibly how Gujaratis, Madrasis work. At least something gets done.
A small practice is sufficient to contribute, if the practitioner is in the right cohesion.

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