Thursday, June 21, 2018

World Banks

World banks and institutions like IMF are guided by principles of UN and philanthropy of individual countries.
Education for girl child, immunization, drinking water, transportation are some of the areas loans are sanctioned.
UN stands for peace and well being of deprived. Great and powerful individuals are genuinely interested in uplifting the deprived and remove social stigmas present in the world. They use their influence and get loans and sanctions for our country to move ahead and lead a respectable life.
We must be grateful for many projects like metro, flyovers, schools.  These provide the backbone for inclusive development and growth of deprived.
We must be thankful to these philanthropic activities and must put efforts to end discrimination, stigmas, deprivations and other inhuman ills prevalent in our society.
That will be a step towards being thankful.
Let us together promise ourselves that we shall be all grateful to all who helped us lead better lives. Mother nature is kind to accomodate us and we must pay back to mother nature with our efforts.

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