Friday, March 16, 2012

Derivatives - What we have missed ?

Derivatives, mathematically means change in one thing by the change in other. In economy this factor is traded for money and is a business.
If we look at history, we had a progressive vision of growth of India by our erstwhile political leaders. The changes made by some of the policies were great investment opportunities in the form of derivatives. But all those opportunities have been wasted by financial corporations and industry. They had a myopic vision of change and it will not be wrong to say that this short sightedness has resulted in today's sorry state.
I am absolutely right when I say that Nehru's vision of India was welcomed by even foreigners. Maybe the concern of foreigners had been whether India can take it. Whether the poor will be benefitted. Whether everyone will get food.
A chain is as strong as the individual strength of each of its links. And it is weak at the weakest link. Derivatives based economy is for strengthening the country and not for finding weakness as the present economic vision is heading for.


  1. nice post
    about Nehru i do not agree.

  2. Just an absurd theory. Nothing more.

  3. What many people do not know is derivatives are sometimes called as futures. This is because when change is calculated we can only look forward to future and not look back at past.

  4. There is so much to learn from your short meaningful posts...

  5. I write what I want to. And what I feel for.
    Nehruji did a lot for our country and devised a lot of ways for wasting time. Many businessmen will tremble and be defeated by these time wasting techniques.