Saturday, March 10, 2012

Banking Finance - humour !!

I was keen to learn about banking finance. No, not from books. But from newspaper and analysis and application of thinking abilities.
I have a method for this complex system. And I shall share it with you.
Can banks do without IT? No, it cannot. So I thought let me look at banking from the IT angle.

1)IT can do complex calculations.
2)IT follows logical steps.
3)IT has hierarchy in permissions.
4)IT can connect to the whole world.

If a wise guy says,  "Don't you know XYZ Bank offers higher interest and that too with more flexibility and more facilities?". Then do not be awed by his knowledge. You can satisfy yourself with the thought that maybe XYZ Bank has better methods for more complex calculations.

If the wise guy says, "Don't you know GHI Finance Ltd. needs lesser documents for verification and quicker processing for loans?". You can satisfy yourself with the thought that maybe GHI Finance is using overloaded functions with lesser parameters though all the steps are followed.

If your boss says, "Go and submit this bank guarantee.". You must go one step ahead and after submitting the bank guarantee to clerk, you contact the super user (bank manager) to ask whether he has approved receipt of bank guarantee.

If the wise guy says, "What? You got only 78 rupees to an english pound? I managed to get 79 rupees." You can satisfy yourself with the thought that today the world is connected by Internet and maybe the wise guy managed to log on to a better site.

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