Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beware of Bullish Bubble Bursting

The Bull (Stock Exchanges) charges and runs amock. It sees red everywhere. Be a move by RBI. Be a step by the government. It charges with speed and carries the sensex with it, making it rise.
Those who are not experienced with working with shares are well advised to invest in the mutual funds domain and keep the risks low. The fund manager of the mutual funds is committed to see that your interests are considered. It is his job you see. It is my hunch that a mutual fund's fund manager is more interested in financial challenges and less in making money for himself. So play safe. Buy mutual funds.
The Indian market is unique in its own way and the bubbles do not burst easily. And if it does it causes explosion. Not just a burst. But an explosion.
Harshad Mehta is a recent past. He siphoned off 4000 crores from the system. He not only bought shares but also created a shortage of funds in the market. The result shares were sold. The sensex were seriously affected and only some made money at the loss of general public.
Use your thinking and invest wisely. Do not day dream about high returns. Contribute to national growth. Invest in post office schemes. Make the nation grow. Believe that India is superior to individuals and India is not a coterie of successful individuals. Your money can do wonders for you. You deserve it. But your money is needed by country. Contribute for the welfare of nation and reap the benefit.

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