Friday, July 31, 2015

Report Card of Modi

With the promise of a solid economic foundation of Swachchtha, Modi government began to work.
It is an awesome innings which is still continuing.  It is like breathing in a familiar air. It is akin to coming back home after a long journey.
So what do we have apart from a promise of more and efficient gas distribution. Promise of 18 lakh jobs.  An opportunity to financers to think about how the RBI should be. Whether RBI governor should have veto power ( read a strong hand ) or not. A blazing decision asking PSU banks not to pay dividends. A personal but stern caution to the bureaucrats to buck up. And more such steps that gives us hope that efficiency in body is not that matters. But in work.
He very well understands that economy is anything but Adam Smith. Being vice is difficult than being virtuous. For there is no time to come back to virtues.  The problems are so enormous.
My feeling is changes should be gradual. This would be scientific.

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