Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Few Lessons to Learn

My learning about economy does not end. I keep learning all the while and here I am writing down some of the things I learnt.
1) There are things which come as free when you buy one thing. Eg. Toothbrush free with toothpaste etc. These freebies add interest to the buyers and builds economy by a large margin.
2) It is a good idea to give Rs.20 extra to the car cleaner, say once in three months or so. You can say " Have a tea and cigarette with this money". This will ensure that car is better cleaned and better taken care of.
3) It is a good idea to buy bread, milk etc. (daily essentials) from the same shop every day. This will not only help in building relationship but also enable the shopkeeper to know demand accurately.
4) Indulge in a habit and spend money with full heart. The habit can be gadgets, artwork etc. This will reinstate our faith in ourselves and will force the rich also to do so. The rich will also be tuned to indulge in the habit of giving. This will boost macro economy.
5) Keep clean habits and be predictable. This behaviour of yours will slowly get guided into economy thinking. You will slowly begin to keep spending data, calculate your worth and other diaries. This will help you a lot.
6) Be prepared with exigencies. Remember, being a man you can be called to defend the country and fight wars. If you are prepared then this preparation will help in dealing with difficult economic stages of life too.
7) As far as possible try to build yourself to an image. This image can be your company or a tourist place etc. People are attracted to images and by living upto an image you will be able to sell yourself better. This will give fillip to economy.

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