Monday, August 4, 2014

Follow Your Own Instincts

The share market is at its enthusiastic best. No time in the history of BSE were the conditions considered so favorable. The government at the center is headed by a person considered very friendly to the business houses. The IT and networking is at peak. The bank balance of the earning class is healthy. Therefore, a middle class man has sufficient funds for investing and he also has the infrastructure to make a healthy profit from investments.
But unfortunately we get completely blinded by the lure of getting quick returns. Only yesterday we read that the CEO of Flipkart is finding it difficult to handle so much of money. He considers that his company is being overvalued. True, Amazon has pumped in funds into Flipkart and that is a positive move. But that hardly makes a reason to ride blindly into the wave.
The government is planning to open up PSUs, insurance, retail, defence and other areas. These are greenfields and an investor should invest in these areas. This will not only give appreciation of your assets but also indirectly support the government.
Most of the above areas are long term investments and will start to bear fruit in about a year or so.
Our PM has appealed to the rich to forego subsidies in gas cylinders. Then today I read the charges against Jignesh Shah. In my opinion Jignesh Shah has ventured into areas which became loss making. There was no cheating.
I hope the young will understand the issues more clearly and make investments suitably.

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