Sunday, March 17, 2013

BSE - Bearish Steered Entrepreneurs

The sentiment at BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) is bearish. The sensex is just below 20000 and Nifty just below 6000. They do not seem to cross these magical marks. However clever brokers might be, the FII seem to be calling it a day, everyday and seem to be dictating terms on them.
The process of turning the black money white started years back. Suddenly we could see a lot of rich people appearing with cars, ACs and modern gadgets at their disposal. Loans became easy and money was not restricted in selected circles only and that too hidden. Most of Indian businessmen made money riding with the tide. The cars, ACs and cellphones were the waves they rode on and businessmen made a few bucks. But this was the maximum they could foresee. They were otherwise blind in seeing the future and in seizing the opportunity and making billions of dollars. They made only a few thousands.
Today, it is different. It is a much better connected world today. Most of the systems have been computerised and businessmen are expected to change with time. But it is hard to believe and accept that the business community has not changed. They are still "old wine" in a "new bottle".
Take for example the Sahara case. The SEBI action on Sahara group is a sadistic action of words and letters by SEBI. Why corner and bully on a single company? That too at every opportunity and every now and then. It does not seem to be India. It seems primitive Arabia.
The central government has done its maximum by delaying GAAR. It is upto brokers to capitalise on this and  make investment friendly atmosphere. It is time that every businessman worth his penny realise that the systems are no longer the same. The time calls for attracting funds from tax havens and FII.
The businessmen have to be told in harsh words that if they keep going the way they have been going in the recent past they will only achieve nothing. It is time to make investment in India attractive for investors from tax havens countries. This is the way out for them.

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