Thursday, February 28, 2013

Budgets 2013

The railway budget and union budgets have been presented in the parliament.
The railway budget has provisions of WiFi on trains. People were commenting on uncleanliness of our toilets. No one seemed to have suggestions. Dry soil toilets can be designed which can be rotated and mixed and used upto 5 to 6 toilet sessions.
Increase in rail reservation fees are practical steps to increase revenue for rail IT setups. It would have been better if investment is made in research to tackle crowd in passenger trains.
Our food and petroleum subsidies are very high. The government cannot tackle this on its own. Private public participation is a must to tackle this burden. It calls for a strong government at the center. People should support the government and should vote collectively for a secular, principled party at the center. A party which is experience itself personified. A party which is no different from the very definition of our country. Which party, you ask? Well, ask yourself. 

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