Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Amir Aadmi, Garib Aadmi

There was a movie by the above name. It had Amjad Khan in it.
Right from childhood, I always thought Amir Aadmi should not become Garib, while Garib Aadmi can become Amir. This was a philosophy I liked and it stays close to my heart.
But from my observations most of the people have old financial systems in mind. Most have a savings bank mentality and think that 4% savings bank interest amount is obtained from agriculture improvement. But the point is most only deposit money and this money occupies costly space in cities. The rent of this space will negate agriculture improvement. So, 4% interest is due to other banking profit making schemes.
Another view is Amir should earn more and give to Garib. But here, Garib needs to go to Amir for that. Amir may not want to spend energy travelling to Garib and give money.
Yet another view is make the hands of Garib strong. The Garib should come up, become entrepreneur and earn riches, enabled by the grace of Amir. Even here Amir may not grace this step. Why should they? Are they paid for this? I am in synchronous with this thought of Amir.
How do you think poverty removal be given a fillip in India? Any suggestions.

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