Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uncertain Times

The economic scene today seems uncertain. It is mainly due to the crisis in political circles. I shall make you see this in this write-up.
Situation now is,
  1. Inflation is easing
  • Probably, better transport co-ordination.(Good functioning by transporters)
  • Probably, more production. (Kudos farmers)
  • Probably, redundancy of middlemen and illegal storage handling. (Fear of police danda)
(People are so fed up of politicians, that the efficiency of transporters, farmers, police have improved).

    2. Gold Import rising
  • Probably, businessmen/importers filling demand of public (They are right here)
  • Probably, ineffective import duty (Fear of losing votes by politicians)
    3. Petroleum Products
  • Factually, rising fuel prices (Incompetent handling of refinery businessmen by politicians)
  • The news is, gas for thermal power plants better and improving (rabble rousing politicians(coal scam))
    4. Banking
  • We read that, bad loans are there (corrupt politicians inspire people to not return loans by not resigning themselves on money corruption)
   5. Falling rupee
  • Image of government is corroding in US. And Narendra Modi (supported by NRIs) has been snubbed by JD(U), though it is none of JD(U)'s business. These two have been perceived bad by Indians, themselves. Then why should NRI care. And the dollar-rupee rates are before you.
It is clear from above that politicians are responsible for economic damage. Yes, it is true. Economy as of today is also an image. Politicians also creating image. Somehow these two are colliding and the economy is suffering.
Solution? Simple. Guidance. Or responsibility. Clearly it is not a one man job. It is a collective responsibility. And who has to lead for collectiveness? Politicians.

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