Thursday, May 9, 2013

Food Security Bill

Economy can be difficult. It is mainly about demand.
In India education and jobs do not require much effort from the politicians. They need not help. The demand from public is so much that education happens. Getting into a job also happens, though may not to the extent of education. These are self driven economies and only opposition we have to these is the dissatisfaction of the people. One may say I did not get right education. Or I did not get right job. These grudges will get a patient hearing only when you are a vote bank. The caste factor. Upper caste people normally are pushed behind by this demand of the public. The merit system may not work.
What about food? One cannot run in an empty stomach and find food. There has to be food security. Amartya Sen, Nobel prize economist quite rightly has advocated for food security bill. He said in one interview that we have enough gold in our country and food security bill should be passed.
Another brilliant thing is the view of the communists. If people in high places are unable to bear grudges against each other then they have to get rid of this grudges first. This would mean that no difference in people are there in economic terms. Every people has similar demand and have equal opportunity to fulfil this demand.
Let us hope that better sense prevails and politicians join hands together and bring into reality Smt. Sonia Gandhi's dream of Food Security Bill.

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