Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Insider Trading - Understanding

My blogs may be good. Anil Ambani likes it. He wants to do a favor. He wants to pay money. Will he pay from his own pocket or will he pay from his company's account? If he pays from his own pocket it is insider trading. If he pays from his company's account it is not.
We have seen the attitude of people. The so called high class society. They move in flashy cars, wearing choicest of garments, perfumes. But when it comes to giving alms to beggars, they just raise their window glass.
The above is not involving in insider trading.
Today, the share market is stable. It is no longer vacillating in huge swings. It is due to the commitment of brokers and fund managers who have taken exceptional pride in their jobs and have shown sheer brilliance and apt hard work.
We all need to rise up and give alms to beggars. We all must switch off ACs at red lights and breathe in fresh air. And then we must ask the question "Am I an Inside Trader?"

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