Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is very interesting. Buying books and audio CDs and video CDs especially are exciting. Because there will be an element of surprise. One does not know whether the book/Audio CD/Video CD will be good or not. In case you buy and it happens to be good, then your joy becomes higher. In case it is not good and you get scolded by your wife, then you see and explain the good part of the book/Audio CD/Video CD.

What are the lessons for internet marketeers?
·         Look forward to collaborate. It is about social circles.
·         Remember over internet ‘I Like It’ matters. Not number of followers or even weight of  followers.
·        Be prepared for opportunities in rumours. Rumours spread in social circles, like the Doomsday rumours.
·         “Old” people exist. Remember it is not that only beauty and handsome and young exist.
And the lessons for internet buyers?
·         With great power comes great responsibility. Take care over the net.
·         Not everything can be said in 140 words. Be clever and read between lines.
·         Be tech savvy and be in buzz. You may be able to bargain better.
Now let me see. Which daily do I read?

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