Saturday, July 28, 2018

Cost accounting and steel and tea

First of all India balance of trade deficit is high to impossible levels.
But comparisons are inevitable. Especially as a cost component.
Here are the snapshots of tea and Steel exports.
Stainless steel 0.5 billion US dollars. (Salem and Jindals)
Flat products 1.8 billion US dollars.(Bokaro and Jindals)
Stainless steel cost is high as compared to flat products.
Darjeeling tea ( evening tea) 450 million US dollars.
Nilgiris tea ( afternoon tea ) 54 million USD.
Assam tea ( morning tea ) 77 million USD.
Darjeeling tea cost is higher than Nilgiris tea which in turn is higher than Assam tea.
An afternoon tea in stainless steel cups is a costly experience to USA citizens.
How do you see it?


  1. To service class people cost of Assam tea is very important.

  2. My favourite coffee beans are peaberry.
    Two days or four cups once in three months suits me. For this precious seed variety.

  3. My favourite food are
    1. Tomato rice and boondi raita
    2. Coconut rice and petha morkhozumbu
    3. Tamarind rice and bhindi mustard gravy
    4. Hot garlic naan and dal makhani.
    5. Egg rolls.

  4. 6. Til rice and punjabi Kadhi
    7. Lemon rice and hot parboiled cucumber with a dash of your favorite oil and salt and pepper.