Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The 50 paise

Today if someone takes 50 paise from my bank account; neither will I know nor do I care.
It can be safely assumed that so is the case with crores of our people.
This means crores to the friends of government. But Narendra Modi being a Gujarati would only use this money, if at all, that is, for the hard working and lucky individuals. I am not sure of the lucky though!! Because of Gujarati mindset. Purely because of that.
Gujaratis work day in and day out to earn a livelihood.
In steel, Bhilai, Bokaro and Durgapur are not so lucky because their products are directly linked to the development of the nation. Rourkela products are directly linked to the development of the society. These are the big steel plants.
Railways are a good customer for all the above. But Railway IT systems are not for the above steel plants. Strange!! My knowledge with respect to Enterprise wide Resources Planning (ERP) is limited.
Maybe things will improve.
Forgive me if I hurt. If someone throws a stainless steel utensil and a book, both; I shall try to catch the utensil and not the book. For I have enough knowledge.

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