Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Bold New Innings

Chidambaram should be admired. He had guts. He disobeyed all parliamentary norms and steadfastly stood by his party.
His new innings as Finance Minister can only be described in one word. Bold.
He first roped in Raghuraman. A move to instill confidence in his team. It was a bold move.
Then he promised to reduce fiscal deficit. Wow ! The Bull's Eye. But he did not get sufficient support from RBI, though he submitted blue print of plans.
The industry is excited and the figures are speaking for themselves.
This is a bold innings.
Compare this to Sachin's innings. It is a shame. He should have refused the prize of Order of Australia. It is the spirit of timing that counts in batting. And Sachin is nowhere near Azharuddin. He was quite brilliant in timing. Englishman appreciated Azhar's three consecutive centuries in debut. Australians are known for bad manners and bad language. The Order of Australia is a ridicule !!

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